Advertising/Donation Info

IlovemyAKA is a web destination for current news, events, happenings, non profits, blog posts, and more from celebrity, undergraduate, and graduate members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. It is updated daily.

IlovemyAKA follows current news, premieres and reviews new products, and provides a space for constant conversation.

Advertising your product or promoting your event on our site will expose your product/event to a constantly growing demographic of women and men. Rates are affordable.

For statistics and demographics, please contact us at sorority1908 (at) gmail (dot) com directly.

This site is run by a member of the sorority, but NOT officially associated with the organization. To help support the further expansion of this site, DONATE TODAY.

4 comments on “Advertising/Donation Info

  1. I stumbled upon you site while looking for something else. I am delighted to see what you are doing. I plan to spread the word. I wish you great success.
    I will consider using the site to promote some business endeavors.
    Soror Brenda

  2. I love you site. Please let me know the procedure for advertising my book about one of our founders titled “Faithful to the Task at Hand: The Life of Lucy Diggs Slowe.”

  3. I can’t get your information page. Please send again.

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