AKA Sorors Agree: Black Women Are ‘Out of Order’



Part of the purpose of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc is to alleviate problems concerning girls and women. Therefore it’s no surprise that two of our well-known sorors, female inspirational speakers, writers, and life coaches have made headlines saying the similar things in terms of the power of black women in the 21st century.

In an article titled “Iyanla Vanzant Was Right!” Soror Sophia Nelson breaks down recent comments by Soror Iyanla Vanzant, known as a “fire storm,” and speaks to the greater purpose of Black women in general.

Soror Nelson states:

“The self-help guru [Soror Vanzant] called it out. She called “us” as women out. But she really called black women out for not honoring themselves. For allowing no-good men to lay with them and father their children—kids that those men, in turn, do not care for financially or emotionally. She challenged women as a whole to honor the Code (as I like to call it—the Woman Code) by not sleeping with one another’s men. By not cursing, demeaning, gossiping, ripping and tearing one another to shreds. She called on black women in particular to get a grip, and to realize that it is always another woman who will help us when we falter, stumble, or fall in life. Not a man. But another “sister” (term of affection in the black community of women) who wiped her tears when her daughter died at the tender age of 30. When she needed food, it was a woman who fed her. Cared for her. Clothed her. Lifted her. I understand. Because it is women who have helped me when I was sick, afraid, grieving, out of money, or in need of encouragement.

I wish that we as women had the courage to see “us” for who we truly are. Women are special. We are kind. We are giving. And we are healers. When “sisters” support one another, we soar!”

Several public instances has shed great light on the plight of the Black women, the Black man, and the entire Black community. Comments from great women like Soror Vanzant and Nelson not only help enhance our experiences, but these comments also cause us to re-examine our lives and our inner purpose.

What do you think about Soror Vanzant and Nelson’s comments?

Read the Soror Nelson’s entire article here.


3 comments on “AKA Sorors Agree: Black Women Are ‘Out of Order’

  1. Totally agree!

  2. TRUTH! While some of us can’t even get along with BIOLOGICAL sisters….how can we expect social sisters to get along. This is an age old question that may not ever be answered because we are so busy “GETTING OURS” that we step over everyone in our path.

  3. Hard for me to agree, because I don’t live my life this way at all. I had a child with a “no good” man when I was 19, because I was young and dumb. But, I have matured beyond all of this behavior.

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