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Soror Star Jones NEEDS OUR HELP: AKA Soror’s Sister Found Dead in Michigan Lake


Soror Ransom asks for help: Source, NY Daily News

Connected through social Media and Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority, Inc, Soror Star Jones lends support to help our sorority sister, Richelle Ransom, find justice for her sister.

“We bonded on that and we soon began traveling together,” said Jones, who invited Ransom to join her on trips to Atlanta, Washington and to her home in the Hamptons. “I consider her a member of my own family.” As sorors, we know this bond Soror Jones is speaking of.

Soror Jones is pleading for witnesses to come forward as her friend’s sister was found dead last Sunday in a Michigan lake. Soror Ranson’s sister, Rosaline Lee, a mother-of-three, was seen floating and partially-clothed by a fisherman.

“I can’t get my friend’s sister back, but I can use this platform and I plan to use it loudly,” Soror Jones told reporters. “It helps combat the feeling of helplessness,” she said. “I want to scream and cry.”

Lee, 32, may have been strangled and sexually assaulted but no suspects have been identified in the case. She was last seen alive the night of Saturday, May 25, when she drove away from her home in Pontiac, a Detroit suburb.

Her white van was found near Terry Lake the next morning and her body soon after. A funeral was held for Lee Saturday and she leaves behind 12-year-old and 6-year-old boys and an 9-month-old girl.

It is unclear what happened to Soror Ransom’s sister, but we urge you reach out to the authorities if you know someone, or know someone who does!

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Our prayers go out to Soror Ransom, Soror Jones, and all the family and friends affected by this tragedy.

Sources: NY Daily News, BET


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