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Soror Lynn Whitfield Brings Awareness to the Foster Child System, Promotes New Film (Official Trailer)

Lynn Whitfield-5April is National Foster Care Month and actress and humanitarian, Soror Lynn Whitfield is determined to bring awareness to one of the most “un-talked about” issues of our time- especially in the Black community- adoption and the foster child system.

“Finding out more about the reality of being an aging-out foster child and then being a parent who sees the importance of it and taking that responsibility on and seeing the fruit of it makes me feel very honored that I was apart of telling a story that has a moral, that says we are our brother’s keeper,” Whitfield said in an interview.

Soror Whitfield’s most recent film, King’s Faith, tells the story of a family who fosters a young, reckless adult who has outgrown the foster care system. Whitfield’s character recently suffered the loss of her son and is resistant to taking on the responsibility of another child.

When asked by Huffington Post about the significance of the film’s release in April, Soror Whitfield remarked:  “It’s something that’s a nod to people who have decided to be a part of the foster care system who are doing it well. Let’s face it, there are some people who are not doing it well, and doing it as a commercial venture. But there are people who do it extremely well and have great successes. Extend a thank you to them and perhaps for families or individuals who’ve not only thought about it, who might be good at it. So I think it is very significant that way.”

King’s Faith is set to hit select theaters this Friday, April 26th.  Support our soror and raise awareness on such an important issue.

See the VIDEO below:


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