Sign Soror Vanessa Bell Calloway’s Birthday Card!!!


Soror Calloway:

Some call you ‘Nessa, that pretty girl from Coming To America, or the lady from Shameless, but to us, you will always be “Soror!”

Your style and grace is sought after. You have a simple sophistAKAtion that many attempt to achieve, but never find. You are an exemplary woman, role model, mother, soror, and friend.

So on this day – your 56th birthday – we send sincere, sisterly greetings and well wishes to you! We hope all your future dreams come true.

Paint the Town #Pink and #Green

Happy Birthday Soror Calloway!!!



Soror Calloway tweets to celebrate her birthday:

This is what 56 looks like! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!🎉🎉🎉🎂🎂🎂 


You make 56 look OH SO PRETTY!!

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27 comments on “Sign Soror Vanessa Bell Calloway’s Birthday Card!!!

  1. Happy Birthday, Soror! God bless you!

  2. Happy birthday dearest Soror Vanessa, you make 56 oh so PRETTY!! Have a FAB day with lots of great vino!!

    Sisterly Always,

    Soror Shannon

  3. Happy Birthday Soror!!! I hope it is as fabulous as you are!

  4. Happy Birthday Soror Vanessa!

  5. Vanessa: You were so nice to me one time and I so appreciated it! Happy Birthday Soror! Many more to come too.

  6. Happy Birthday to one our most beautiful Soror ~ Soror Vanessa Bell Calloway

  7. Feliz Cumpleanos SOROR

  8. Grace and Beauty at 56! Go Soror!!! #AKALove

  9. Happy Life Day Soror. Enjoy your day.

    Your Army Soror

  10. Happy Birthday Auntie!!

  11. Happy Birthday to our Beautiful Soror! AKA Love!

  12. Have a wonderful birthday Soror Nessa! Continue to represent.

  13. Happy Happy Birthday Soror!! Paint the town Pink & Green! – Miss Spice Girl

  14. Wishing you an awesome birthday!!!

  15. Beautiful….Happy Birthday Soror
    ~ Soror Gloria B

  16. Happy Birthday Soror – enjoy your special day and make it memorable. = Soror Karen (@kadencellc)

  17. Happy Birthday Soror!

  18. Enjoy your birthday, Soror. Celebrate!

  19. Happy Birthday Soror!!!!

  20. Happy Birthday Soror – praying I look as great as you when I turn 56, may you be Blessed with many more.

  21. Be Blessed Another 56 years or more

  22. Happy Birthday, “wee” luv u so much, u KNOW THIS

  23. Happy Birthday Soror Vanessa!
    You look great … “Oh so pretty”!
    Have a “AKAFantastic” day!
    Soror Yvonne Solomon

  24. Happy Birthday Soror Vanessa! You look FABULOUS! Enjoy your day!
    Soror Debbie Gillum

  25. Happy, Happy Birthday, Soror Vanessa! We are so proud of you and your fabulousness!
    You are truly an inspiration to us, and we love you dearly! Please continue to celebrate your fabulousness!
    God bless you.

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