Louisiana (Alpha Kappa Alpha) Soror Missing: Soror Terrilynn Monette

Source: Nola.com

ILoveMyAKA.com has confirmed that the missing New Orleans woman, Ms. Terrilynn Monette, is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. After reading initial news stories, we took to the web for more information. News anchor Katie C Moore of WWL-TV confirmed in a tweet, “Yes, she is an AKA.” Our hearts go out to her family, friends, and local area sorors!


New Orleans police are asking for the public’s help in locating our soror, who was last seen on Saturday, March 2, at 5 a.m. She was seen at a local bar in the 800 block of Harrison Avenue in Lakeview. Soror Monnette’s mother told police that she had gone to the bar at 3:30 a.m. and was last seen sleeping in her vehicle in the rear parking lot about an hour later.

Family members and local officials are still trying to determine who was with her at the bar. Monnette allegedly told her acquaintances that she was going to sleep in her car before driving home because she had had a few drinks.

Soror Monnette works as a second-grade teacher at Woodland West Elementary School in Harvey. She came to New Orleans from California in 2011 as a fellow with TeachNOLA, a nonprofit group that places educators in metro area schools.

See Soror Monette’s Teach NOLA video below. Soror Monette left a comfortable life as an accountant to educate New Orleans children:

Read more in the local paper

9 comments on “Louisiana (Alpha Kappa Alpha) Soror Missing: Soror Terrilynn Monette

  1. I live in uptown NOLA I am stunned that something like this could happen and happen in one of the safest areas of NO. I would love to put a yard sign with her picture in my front yard. Please send an answer to dsoginer@gmail.com and I will reply

  2. my heart & prayers go out to the immediate family my nephew terry monette her mother and her sister…….I will pray for her safe return her great aunt betty

  3. Sorors, do not stop praying until she safely returns!

  4. What affects one soror directly affects us all indirectly in that we are one great, BIG, loving sisterhood. It is our fervent prayer that Terilynn will be found safely, sanely, securely, and unharmed in the mighty name of Jesus!

  5. Lord we ask your divine protection for our Soror and ask that she will be found unharmed. Touch her family and love ones I pray Amen. Pastor/Soror Johnson

  6. Prayers are going up for her and the family in Seattle, Washington

  7. Praying for my spirit sister soror and her family please keep us updated.Jesus will I know that he will.Amen

  8. Sisters ,, hit the floor,,the fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much!! Until our young soror is home safe we must petition our Father to send angels to camp around her and keep her. – “Pinkest Pearl” est.1981

  9. Love the Soror love here….keep praying…..#fwrsoror

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