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Snapped Sorors: Jada Pinkett Smith Graces the New York Streets in Yellow, Appearing on Katie Couric Show

Soror Jada Pinkett Smith is set to appear on The Katie Couric show on January 14, 2013 and we have Intel on what she will be wearing! The information is not exclusive though because when you look as fabulous as our soror does, its hard to keep quiet!

Soror Smith was snapped leaving the ABC Lincoln Center Studios this past Wednesday, January 9,  in a form fitting yellow dress (with a sexy zipper down the back of it) and snake skin red-bottom platforms.

source: Daily Mail

source: Daily Mail

Soror Smith’s commitment to fitness and healthy living is undeniable from these pics! Go ahead soror!

source: Daily Mail

source: Daily Mail

Her commitment to young women and our youth is undeniable as well. Soror Smith appeared on the show to talk about human trafficking. Check it out on the 14th when it airs to learn more!

Our soror seems to like bright colors in the winter/fall, the oranges and the yellows. Check out her orange jumpsuit here, worn to speak to Congress on the same policy issue.


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