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Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc to Hold Anti-Human Trafficking Event Jan 11, 2013

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority will shine a light on the horrors of human trafficking when it convenes a forum to explore the scope, depth and personal impact of this crime. Titled “Against Their Will: The Perils Of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation”, the forum will be held on Friday, January 11, 2013, from 2 to 4 pm at the Baltimore Hilton, 401 West Pratt Street, Baltimore. Presiding over the event will be the Sorority’s international president, Carolyn House Stewart.

Human trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings mainly for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation or forced labor. It is a crime against humanity on a local and global scale. According to the most recent statistics from the UN Office of Drugs and Crime, 2.4 million people across the globe are victims of human trafficking at any one time; 80 percent are being exploited as sexual slaves.

Of the mission and the outcomes, AKA President Stewart declared, “Alpha Kappa Alpha is resolute about bringing an end to this crime that is ensnaring young people, dashing their dreams and aspirations and scarring them for life. Through this forum, we will uncover strategies to root out the perpetrators and create a pathway for abolishing this devastating crime.”

source (download full press release)

Soror Jada Pinkett Smith has does much this year to shed light on the perils of human trafficking.

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