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AKA President Carolyn House Stewart Responds to Connecticut Tragedy



CHICAGO – In extending her sympathy to the families who lost loved ones in the horrific shooting spree that took place Dec. 14 in Newtown, Conn., Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority’s international president Carolyn House Stewart said she is particularly pained that most of the fatalities were children.

Speaking on behalf of the Sorority’s 265,000 members worldwide, Stewart characterized the tragedy as an “unfathomable travesty” of monumental proportions.

“It is painful to know that students were in school when their lives were suddenly snuffed out,” she said in a statement. “This is beyond comprehension because schools are typically safe havens.”

While extending heartfelt prayers to the families, Stewart expressed outrage that similar occurences have become increasingly commonplace.

“Sadly, these types of mass shootings are occurring more frequently. It is a crisis that traumatizes the nation and one for which there are no ready answers,” she noted.

“It is difficult to find the right words to console the families,” she assessed, “but perhaps the national expression of love will provide some comfort.”

Stewart praised President Barack Obama for his emotional show of support. She said his reaction and the international outcry underscore the magnitude and the depth of this tragedy.

“Alpha Kappa Alpha joins the nation in wrapping our arms around the families of those who perished,” Stewart added. “We also embrace the citizens of the state of Connecticut for their loss. We will continue to hold them in our hearts and in our prayers.”

source (Washington Informer, Dec 17)

source2 (Houston Style)


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