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Faces of Breast Cancer: Celebrity AKA Breast Cancer Survivor, Wanda Sykes

Pretty in Pink and Green: Survivor, Source BET

October is breast cancer awareness month. Chapters of our sorority across the country are celebrating this cause by hosting events, fundraisers, and walks at their respective colleges, cities and towns.

Here, we, take time to honor a well-known soror who is a breast cancer survivor, Ms. Wanda Sykes. Soror Sykes crossed into Alpha Kappa Alpha land at Hampton University.

Known for her ability to make us laugh, Soror Sykes shocked the nation when she announced her battle with breast cancer on the Ellen DeGeneres show in 2011. She admitted being diagnosed after going to the doctor to get her breasts reduced. After being diagnosed with breast cancer Soror Sykes made a huge decision to get a double mascectomy.

“I just wanted the best odds,” the comedian toldPEOPLE magazine when the news was first released. “I made my decision because I love life.”

Source: Elle, Celebrity Sorority Sisters

Soror Sykes is a well-known face for breast cancer. Soror Sykes is one of many ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc who have had and BEAT breast cancer. We take time to remember her, fellow sorors, and those IBTW who are no longer with us due to this disease.

But, what about those less well known. Breast cancer is known to have worse effects on African American women than other races. Black women tend to die more prematurely and aren’t diagnosed as early on.

Celebrate Soror Sykes and fellow sorors, leave a note about a soror survivor, an IBTW, or another friend, mother, or colleague  Who is your face for breast cancer?


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