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Happy Birthday AKA Founder Margaret Flagg Holmes

Today we celebrate Margaret Flagg-Holmes, one of the sixteen founders of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. On this day – September 6- in 1886, Holmes was born in Greensboro, NC.

Holmes entered Howard University in September 1904 on scholarship and graduated in 1908 with English & Latin major. She was a member of the first Constitution & Bylaws Committee.

Holmes went on to earn a Master’s in Philosophy at Columbia University in New York. Holmes devoted her energies to teaching academic, or college preparatory, curriculum at the high school level for more than thirty years, mostly in Chicago, Illinois.

In addition, Holmes served as president and vice-president of the Theta Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha in Chicago, where she was active for more than 30 years in programs for education and health.

Holmes on Alpha Kappa Alpha:

“It is with a feeling of justifiable pride that I am happy to be a founder of this organization which has many wonderful, talented, dedicated women who are contributing much to the world of today – a worldwhich is so sadly in need of the talent, common sense and humanity of women.”

Holmes died in 1976.

So today we say happy birthday and thank you! Thank you for working to found our illustrious sorority and create a legacy of service for years to come.

Today we highlight Margaret Flagg Holmes, but wonder, who is your favorite founder or incorporator?

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Article source


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