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VIDEO: Soror Bernice King Travels to the 2012 #Olympic Games in Pink and Green, Unveils New Statue for Peace

London is not only the place for the 2012 Olympics, but it is also a place for peace. Interviewed wearing an OH SO PRETTY pink and green sorority varsity jacket, Soror Bernice King visited the international city  to unveil a *NEW* statue that celebrated peace and humanity. The bronze statue was of Sri Chinmoy- it showed him holding an Olympic-style peace torch, beckoning the world to join him in offering prayers for peace.

Soror King also visited St. Paul’s Cathedral where Soror and IBTW Coretta Scott King was the *FIRST* woman to speak in the pulpit in 1969. According to Soror King, her mother preached! Soror King also shares information about her father’s legacy as well.

Click on the picture to see the video! It is wonderful to see Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority’s message being recognized by strong women all around the world!

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