Official Press Release ADDED: Celebrities Celebrate AKA’s Newest Honorary Sorors on Twitter

CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux tweets one of her first OH SO PRETTY pics! Congratulations!

Twitter has been buzzing for the past few days with news about the newest honorary members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Popular women such as Holly Robinson Peete, Toni Braxton, and CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux, Carolyn McKinstry, and Mellody Hobson have been given the sorority’s highest honor! Since the twitter mentions, Alpha Kappa Alpha, made an OFFICIAL announcement of new members.

Below are tweets from fellow celebrities and the actual newest members of the nation’s African American oldest sorority founded in 1908. Congratulations ladies!

Soror Malveaux (@SuzanneMalveaux) tweeted fellow members and posted pics!

Thank you for the honor #aka, #1908, #boule2012, I join @hollyrpeete , @mellodyhobson, @tonibraxton, & mckinstry

In recognition of the distinction, Toni Braxton ‏@tonibraxton wrote to fans:

@PatlovesMorgan: @tonibraxton welcome to the sisterhood of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority,Inc. :-)” thanks luv! 🙂

@Majah_Navy: @tonibraxton omg toni your an aka that means we connected for life I’m an alpha” 💋

Roland Martin(@rolandmartin) offered support:

Newest honorary AKAS…@hollyrpeete @tonibraxton @suzannemalveaux. Y’all gonna step?! LOL #boule2012

Soror Star Jones, Soror Yvette Brown, and Vanessa Bell Calloway joined in as well.

Soror Jones (@starjonesesq) tweeted:

Yo… Ivy @hollyrpeete what’s up? @nessabcalloway & I want to talk to you before your honorary induction into OUR sisterhood! sending love!

Soror Brown – from Drake and Josh – (@yvettebrown) said:

@StarJonesEsq@hollyrpeete@nessabcalloway How’d I miss this news?! Aww shucks! Welcome, Holly! 🙂 #SororButtingInTweet



Toni Braxton was NEVER officially inducted into Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc, released this official press release with NEW honorary members listed!


13 comments on “Official Press Release ADDED: Celebrities Celebrate AKA’s Newest Honorary Sorors on Twitter

  1. DELTA SIGMA THETA;s Rule. Sorry AKA’s.

  2. Welcome to our newest Sorors. You are members of the first, the finest, and the best!

  3. I will never understand how anyone can go to a website that is SPECIFICALLY for a group of individuals, and then turn around and leave derogatory comments on it. (re: DELTA SIGMA THETA;s Rule. Sorry AKA’s.) Certainly, there is a “place” that would have welcomed your comment–just know that this place does NOT. *exits the room with my Ivy held high*

  4. when will AKAs grow tired of inducting any popular woman out there , can’t AKA find women who can prove themselves to AKA from college?smh everywhere you look paper AKAs or ‘honoraries”

    • If a child is adopted are they any less a member of the family than one who was born into it? Don’t you worry about my sorority because an AKA is an AKA and we are all one. Now step off and back off. I love all of my Sorors thank you very much!!!

    • Honorary is not like a adopted child, they are members like every AKA, they are give the title because of the status (famous people), they got to go thru a chapter just like everybody else. Sorry if your info is wrong about honored women of AKA

  5. […] saw the tweets, we heard the rumors, and we skee-wee’d all over the place! All, in anticipation, of the newest […]

  6. So you mad bro @Yonupe!!? Thats a pretty bold and broad statement about my sorority. I hope you’re at least active in your Frat though.

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