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Did You Know Soror Jada Pinkett Smith Owned a NBA Basketball Team?

Soror Pinkett Smith and hubby at a 76ers Game in March

Recent news reports of the NBA Finals with the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Miami Heat has caused quite a “basketball –frenzy” from men and women alike. One such report discusses Madagascar 3 star and soror Jada Pinkett Smith and her new found role as a “basketball team owner”.

“You get awesome seats to whatever game you wanna go to,” says Soror Pinkett Smith. “But I do have to now watch the game sitting on my hands… I was sitting there with Will and I’m like, ‘Defense, what the…’ and Will was like, ‘Hey, babe, we get fined for stuff like that now!’

Last October 2011, Soror Pinkett-Smith and her hubby, Will, became official minority shareholders of the 76ers NBA team. They are part of an ownership group that includes a former NBA executive, leveraged buyout specialist Josh Harris and an Indonesian media magnate.

If you didn’t know…. now you do. Congrats Soror! Let’s Go OKC (or Heat)!!


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