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Soror Loretta Devine Appears in The Client List

Did you catch the premiere one of Lifetime’s newest primetime shows last night? Well, if not, you missed a treat.  Soror Loretta Devine appears alongside Jennifer Love Hewitt in a new sultry series called, The Client List.

In the show, Jennifer Love Hewitt stars in this salacious-looking new series as Riley Parks, a single mother in a small Texas town. She takes a new job at a day spa, only to discover that the place has all sorts of secrets, and exactly what sort of services they offer.

The New York Times describes Devine’s character as “a tart but jolly den mother and mama-san who takes the girls out for karaoke when they’re feeling blue.” — whether this description is TOTALLY true or not remains to be seen.

Loretta Devine, Lifetime’s The Client List/photo credit: Yahoo! TV

Continue to support our sorors on television. Don’t you just love to see an Alpha Kappa Alpha woman on the screen? The show airs Sundays at 10pm/9pm central.

photo credits: Yahoo! TV


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