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Members of #AKA have the highest GPA amongst all sororities at the University of Georgia

Ladies of AKA have the highest GPA amongst all sororities on University of Georgia's campus

UGA’s student newspaper redandblack detailed GPA results for current students at the institution. Despite having a reputation for partying, Greek students have managed to keep their GPAs above the University undergraduate average.

The all-Greek average — which includes organizations in the Interfraternity Council, the Multicultural Greek Council, the National Panhellenic Council and the Panhellenic Council — was 3.32, while the total undergraduate GPA was 3.20.

NPHC sorority took first place for women’s sororities with a GPA of 3.59.

Collette Toney, a junior social studies education and history major from Snellville and member of #AKA, said the structure of Greek life encourages students to succeed for themselves and for the sake of their chapter.

“When we’re picking new members, we really do look at the GPA, it’s very important to us,” Toney said. “As Alpha Kappa Alpha and as Greeks in general, we know that we’re leaders on campus, we’re multitaskers – peers look up to us, younger children look up to us, and we know that outside all this stuff that we have to do in our events, we know we have the academics to back it up.”

Read more of the article here.

Congratulations sorors! We appreciate your everlasting commitment to HIGH SCHOLASTIC AND ETHICAL STANDARDS


One comment on “Members of #AKA have the highest GPA amongst all sororities at the University of Georgia

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